Welcome to New Garden Restaurant

Welcome friends! We invite you to experience the best in Northern Chinese cuisine. Our master chef will delight your taste in authentic Hunan, Szechuan, and Mandarin cooking. With over 30 years of Chinese culinary tradition, a touchstone of par excellence has been set by New Garden Restaurant in Chinese cuisine for local and visitors of Needham.

Healthy & Custom-made Meals

At New Garden Restaurant, all our dishes are prepared with vegetable oil and little or no MSG.Each dish is individually prepared by our chef so you can order the dish the way you like it, from mild, spicy to extra spicy.

Your patronage is, and will always be appreciated. We hope you enjoy your meal.

Introducing the New Garden VIP Club

New Garden Restaurant is offering a unique opportunity to save every

time you visit.

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Drinks & Entertainment

Come and cheer for your favorite Boston sports team with us. With the clarity of our multiple HDTV´s you´ll feel like your in the game. Our full service bar won´t keep your mouths dry. Taste the best Mai Tai around.

We´ve got you covered on all your favorite teams all year long.